Monday, May 24, 2010

Lacrosse players in action during a game.

Here are two more photographs from the high school varsity lacrosse game. These are part of a high-speed sequence taken when the action was close to me. It was nice that the players were facing me, which often was not the case. Players from both teams are in the photos and close to each other so there is a good sense of the intense competition.
100-400mm lens set at 330mm for the top photo and the red player is barely visible. I zoomed out slightly as the players rapidly approached. In the bottom photo the lens was at 310mm. Now we can see all of the red player and the ball is visible in the pocket of his stick.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Lacrosse player jumping to catch the ball.

I recently photographed a high school varsity lacrosse game and found it quite challenging. The action is fast and the players are up and down the field so much that it is difficult to keep up with them. This is one of my favorite images from the game for several reasons. First, the ball is very visible in the pocket as the player has just caught it. Second, the player is jumping and both feet are off the ground. Third, the player is isolated and clearly recognizable to his parents.
The net behind the player is somewhat objectionable but nothing could be done about that. Also, one could make the case that having some members of the opposing team in the frame would enhance the feeling of competition. Many of my other shots from the game do indeed have that aspect and I will post some of them, too. But I like this shot as more of an action portrait, so to speak. Shots like this can't be scripted during an actual game so I was pleased to come home with it.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bison cow and calf.

This photograph of a bison cow and her calf was taken a few hours after my initial contact shown in the posting of May 6. The herd was in the same area of woods where I had earlier eluded them. The light was stronger and I wanted to take advantage of that. I noticed this cow with her calf standing somewhat apart from the others and was able to quickly get this shot. I intentionally placed the cow's head in the upper left of the frame because of where she is looking. As before, the bison started to approach us but we were again able to remove ourselves from the area. 350mm, 1/500 sec at f5.6, ISO 1250.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Fallow Deer in Woods

I found this bedded fallow deer while photographing on the same private ranch that has the bison. This deer was almost completely white. The coat looked somewhat mangy because it was in the process of transitioning from the winter coat to the summer version. The deer provides a stunning contrast with the dark colors of the trees and captures the viewers attention.
This was shot in the middle of the day with a slightly overcast sky so the light was very even and diffused.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Herd of Bison

I shot this photo of a bison herd on a private ranch near Cheboygan, Michigan. The herd numbered about a dozen animals when I spotted them about 100 yards away. I was content to get a group shot from that respectable distance but when they saw me they all started to walk toward me. I don't know what motivated them and they did not appear agitated. Nonetheless, I started slowly backtracking since many of these animals are as tall as a pickup truck and they were spread out in a line while coming at me. It felt like the hunter had become the hunted.
I took this photo while in retreat at about 60 yards as they kept closing the distance. I finally was able to take a route through a narrow corner of woods. The bison stopped there while I continued out the other side.
The time was 6:51 AM, slight overcast sky, ISO 5000, 400mm IS lens handheld, 1/320 at 5.6 on the Canon Mk IV body.