Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Horse and Rider with Trainer

This photograph of an equestrian sitting on a horse while her trainer is pointing toward the course was taken at a recent hunter/jumper horse show.  Although we took lots of nice action photos of horses jumping over fences, this candid image is likely our favorite of the day.  Our position was next to the show ring and this rider was waiting in an adjacent ring while getting instructions from the trainer about the course.  We took several shots while the two alternately gestured and talked.  There were often other horses or people in the background and sometimes the trainer was standing very close to the horse, all of which detracted from the overall image.  We kept watching and waiting though, recognizing the potential for a nice image.  This shot was our last and best; clean background, the trainer is standing apart enough that she is distinct, a nice pointing gesture, pleasing composition.
The harsh overhead sunlight is unfortunate.  We chose our position at the show ring so that the sun would be coming from a rear quarter.  For this shot, though, we had to turn more toward the sun and adjust the exposure to compensate for the shadows on the faces.
100-400 lens at 260mm, 1/250 second at f/5.6, ISO 160.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Hidden Whitetail Deer Fawn

This whitetail deer fawn was hidden near the edge of heavily shaded woods.  We noticed it standing when it was about 70 yards away and this made it easier to plan an approach when it finally laid down. The approach took an hour and we couldn't see enough of the fawn for a nice photograph until we were quite close.  We strive for more of an eye-level image but this wasn't possible with the thick grass obscuring the deer.  We watched for signs of stress on the fawn, and would have backed off, but our approach was so slow that it was not particularly nervous.  The ears are not even directed at the camera.  The fawn showed alarm at noises coming from other directions but not from us.
Once in position we took a few frames but the fawn was in deep shade and the light was not interesting.  We noticed a small sunbeam tracking toward it, though, and waited until the head was lit to take this image.
100-400 lens at 190mm, 1/125 second at f/5.6, ISO 3200.