Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wooden boat photo shoot-5

Another photograph from the series of the antique, wooden boat. It's hard to fit this 30' Hackercraft in the frame! The 100-400 lens was set at about 170mm. I had the driver run circles around me as I stood in the water. The boat leans as it turns so we are able to see the deck and cockpits even from the low camera angle. I deliberately placed the boat high in the image because I find the water more interesting than empty sky.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Wooden boat photo shoot-4

This is one of my favorite photographs from the series of the antique, wooden Hackercraft boat. FLASH is a 1930, 30' triple-cockpit runabout. In this shot she is accelerating away from me as I stand in the water. This low angle minimizes the background and the detail of the boat is apparent against the empty sky. I like how the water is parted away from the hull at the forward part of the boat, plus we can see the wake forming behind. The 400mm lens compresses things so the curves of the deck are accentuated. The one little hotspot on the transom is annoying but relatively minor.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Wooden boat photo shoot-3

A photograph of the wooden Hackercraft boat "Flash" as it approaches at moderate speed. This is a 1930, triple-cockpit runabout. I was using the 100-400mm lens set at 400mm. I instructed the driver to hold course as long as possible because I wanted to fill the frame. There was no way for me to move out of the way but the driver is first class and I was not worried.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wooden boat photo shoot-2

This photo is the antique wooden Hackercraft boat heading directly away from me. I like the angle because we can see the tumble home of the sides as they narrow toward the transom. The glare of the sun on the transom is obnoxious but I couldn't do anything about that. Also, I would have preferred to have nothing in the background but that would have meant moving to water that was too deep for me to stand in. Nonetheless, the background is not cluttered and quite out of focus.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Wooden boat photo shoot

This is a photograph of a Hackercraft wooden boat taken shortly after dawn during a shoot on the St. Clair Flats. The boat is "Flash," a 1930 triple-cockpit runabout. I was standing chest-deep in the water and had the driver come directly at me for as long as he could. Shot with the 100-400 lens set at about 300mm. We had been waiting some time for the right conditions; clear sky and little or no breeze.
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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Lake Freighter and the Superior Dome at Marquette.

This photograph is of a lake freighter coming into the upper Marquette harbor with the Superior Dome in the background. The image itself is not particularly interesting but I thought it kind of cool to get a shot like this. The Superior Dome is the athletic facility at Northern Michigan University and is quite the landmark for the Marquette area. The ore docks are located in the vicinity so the freighter was coming in to load. I was positioned across the harbor at the breakwater.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Lake Freighter and Marquette harbor light.

This photograph shows a lake freighter coming toward the Marquette harbor lighthouse on its way to the ore loading dock. This was a shot I had hoped to get sometime but the sun was too high and too far to the front to make a really appealing image. Taken at about 10:00 AM with a 70-200 lens set at 170mm. I was shooting from shore, facing south. There is no other place to shoot from without using a boat. Also, I don't know if the freighters ever come in to the dock at dawn.
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