Monday, November 29, 2010

Whitetail Deer; buck in fog

A nice ten-point whitetail deer buck in the early morning fog. This photo was taken in mid-November during the rut. The bucks were relentless in their pursuit of does and more active than usual. Initially, I was upset with the fog because I didn't think there would be a chance for a pleasing image. The fog greatly reduces contrast as well as the available light. I spotted some nervous does in a meadow and got into position in time to see this buck come out of the woods to follow the does.
The light had just turned really sweet as the sun began to burn through the fog. It made all the difference for this image as the antlers and his face are lit very nicely. The tail adds another point of interest. The wooded background is nicely concealed by the fog so there is no clutter. In spite of the fog I was able to expose at a fairly low ISO of 800. 1/1250 at f5.6, 100-400mm lens at 400mm.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Whitetail Deer - Eight-point Buck

An eight point whitetail deer buck in the woods during the rut. Long tines on the antlers and a swollen neck. He was cruising the woods recently while looking for does. In this photo he actually has spotted a couple does that were nearby. The lighting is tricky in the woods as most of it is in shadow with scattered patches of sunlight. I had been watching this buck as he approached and was fortunate to be in range when he stepped into a sunbeam and stopped. The darker woods behind him offer a nice contrast to his well-lit head.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

How to Photograph Alpine Ski Racing

We just published "How to Photograph Alpine Ski Racing." This is an ebook that is focused specifically on capturing stunning images of downhill slalom and giant slalom skiers. Amateur photographers can see what is possible to achieve and learn how to do it. Numerous photographs that were taken at actual races are used throughout to illustrate the many helpful tips. These images were chosen from my many years of experience learning the best techniques. Locations, positioning, camera settings, composition and more are all discussed.
The book is available for purchase and immediate downloading in multiple e-reader formats. Go to the bookstore now!