Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Antique Boats and Wedding

These three antique, wooden speedboats were central in a recent nautical wedding.  The bride and groom are in a Chris-Craft, the groomsmen are in a Hacker-Craft and the bridesmaids are in a Gar Wood.  The photograph was taken in the South Channel of the St. Clair River in Michigan.  The current and breeze made it difficult to position the three boats as they were constantly shifting.  I was positioned on a fourth boat that was also moving.  It was challenging to coordinate with four drivers but we were able to get an assortment of pleasing images of the happy couple.  This one is a favorite because of the composition that prominently features the bride and groom with support by the others in the background.
24-70 lens at 50mm, 1/500 second at f/8, ISO 200.