Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Slalom Waterskier Art

This image of a slalom waterskier is one of our sports photographs with added digital special effects.  We've always liked this shot.  The skier is carving a nice turn with abundant spray, the ski is up on its edge and the tow rope is coming out of the lower corner.  With the addition of the special effects the photo is given a totally different look.  The lower half has some added texture that resembles paint brush strokes while the upper portion has a more radical treatment.  The two effects are gently blended together.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Nautical Art

This photograph of an antique, wooden Hackercraft boat was taken a couple of years ago.  See the blog post of 9/14/10.  We recently added some digital special effects to create a different look to the image.  The bottom portion retains the original colors but there is some texture now that resembles a painter's brush strokes.  This is blended into the top portion which has a radically different filter effect.
The background of the original photo was mostly sky and totally uncluttered.  However, the upper part of the boat really pops out of this pseudo night scene much more than on the original.  We have added this treatment to several of our sports images, too, with very favorable results.