Monday, June 22, 2009

Horse and rider jumping a fence.

We recently attended the Country Heir Horse Show at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington and captured several nice photographs of equestrians.  This rider is jumping a fence during a jumper class.  The horse's front feet are pulled up tightly at the peak of the action.  I don't get many jumping shots that are timed exactly right so this was pretty exciting. 

The sky was fairly heavy overcast with spotty showers.  I opted for the fast 70-200 zoom lens because of the low light level.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Whitetail deer - Springtime doe

Here is a female whitetail deer that I  photographed at the very end of May.  Notice that her coat is still in transition from winter to summer.  The summer coat is much more red but there are still remnants of the darker winter coat.
This was taken on the same day I found the newborn fawn.  The fawn was hidden in thicker, shady woods but this doe was feeding along the edge of a meadow and periodically grooming herself.  I was able to get this shot from the adjacent woods where I could remain hidden.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Fawn-Whitetail Deer

I was looking for whitetail deer fawns with their mothers and did not expect to find a newborn.  I got within three steps of this one before seeing it.  The fawn never moved except for blinking an eye and breathing.  The doe had hidden the fawn and apparently left to feed.  I made a circle of about 30 yd radius and did not find a twin.

I most certainly did not bump the doe.  But I had previously seen one about 75 yds away in heavier cover and suspect that she could have been the mother.