Thursday, October 21, 2010

Golden Retriever Puppy-2

Here is another image from the recent photo shoot of the three golden retriever puppies. They were about 7 weeks old at the time. All three puppies were loose in the yard at the same time and they usually went in different directions. It was challenging for the owner and his daughter to keep track of them but for me it was easier to get shots of each one individually.
We tied a lightweight toy to the line on a fishing pole. In this image the puppy is trying to grab the toy, which is just out of the frame and can't be seen. The puppy was in constant motion, spinning around and jumping. I was lying in the grass and couldn't move quickly. I had to try and get the shots during the fractions of seconds that the dog was facing my general direction. I shot many frames and finally got a nice one.
This shot is special because of the background. Notice that the puppy's head is framed between the trees and shows so well against the darker background. I could not have posed this; it's the advantage of having many images to choose from. Great fun! 70-200 lens at 100mm. f3.2 for shallow depth of field.

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