Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Horse Show; jumping a fence.

This horse and rider are jumping a fence during the recent Traders Point Horse Show in Zionsville, Indiana. I took many photos while I was there for a couple of days but this one stood out. Usually, the background is filled with distracting elements such as tents and people that are close to the rings where the horses are jumping. The background here is much cleaner than normal and the horse and girl stand out nicely. Also, the late afternoon sun is more flattering than during the middle of the day.
This image is an example of how several factors came together at the right time. I was only allowed to shoot from a couple of sides so it was fortunate that I could be looking toward the empty background. Behind me were tents and clutter. And it was fortunate that this rider had her class late in the day with the low sun behind me. These things are beyond my control but on this shot it worked out well.

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