Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Off-road Jeep at dusk.

This image is a combination of two photographs shot at dusk.  The goal was to show the effect of the light bar on the Jeep so we wanted the individual lights to show clearly.  We took an exposure of f/4.5 at 1/25, ISO 800.  This gave good definition to the lights and also kept the sky dark.  We then used a shot taken at 1/6, same aperture, to get detail in front of the Jeep and on the driver.  The driver was lit separately by a flashlight mounted in an adjacent tree.  We combined both images and used some masking to bring out the best parts.
I do not make many images that are set up in advance like this one.  We posed the Jeep carefully, set the camera on a tripod and waited until most of the light had faded from the sky.  The flashlight on the driver was actually an afterthought while we were waiting.  We were fortunate to have a nearby tree that had branches suitable for holding the light with a plastic bag over the front to diffuse the beam.

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